Assignment of Credits

One (01) credit is approximately equal to thirty (30) hours of the learner’s load for all UG (Undergraduate) programmes and these credits is divided in to two parts:

  • one half of the hours actually spent in classroom/practical/field work instructions
  • other half of the hours notional spent for self-study in library, institutions or at home, case study, writing of journal and assignments, projects, visiting Government Offices/Police Stations/Jails/Juvenile Homes/Offices of the Non-Governmental Organization/Courts/Registrar’s Office and all other places, offices, etc. for the purposes of collecting the data or understanding of the working of the respective system by the learners him/herself for the completion of that course.


The UG programmes carry following value credits for 3 years LL.B. programme and 5 years integrated B.L.S.-LL.B. programme in the Law Stream in the Faculty of Humanities:

Undergraduates 3 years LL.B. Programme


3 years LL.B. (U.G.) programme is of 120 credits

  • 20 credits in each semester
  • One (01) Credit = Thirty (30) Hours of learner’s load


Undergraduates 5 years B.L.S.-LL.B. Programme of Law:


5 years B.L.S.-LL.B. (U.G.) programme is of 180 credits

  • 15 credits each in semesters 1 to 4 (4 semesters)
  • 20 credits each in semesters 5 to 10 (6 semesters)
  • One (01) Credit = Thirty (30) Hours of learner’s load


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